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Our top technician and trainer, Jen has over 25 years of experience in IT support and management for small to medium sized businesses as well as residential clients.

From small computer problems to networking, internet and email issues, viruses and spyware, errors, wireless networks, slow computers, hardware and software upgrades, network security, and full systems design and installations, Jen gets the job done thoroughly and efficiently.

Jen's uniquely personable and patient style, and her ability to communicate technical things in easy-to-understand language has made her a favorite choice of our clients, both business and residential.

She patiently teaches individuals and teams to use virtually all types of devices and programs, including both PC and MAC systems. Her goal is always to help clients feel confident and empowered, not intimidated or frustrated by their technology.

Jen's extraordinary troubleshooting skills come from an unusually broad and deep knowledge of technology from computing to office electronics, home entertainment systems, network architecture, software design, website development, social networking, advanced online research, data recovery and computer mining/forensics.
COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Call us at (303) 647-1411

Don't let your computer drive you MAD!

We'll speed up your slow computer, fix errors and pop-up messages, virus and spyware removal, fix internet connection problems. Comcast - Xfinity, Qwest - Century Link, MSN Yahoo or AOL email not working?
Put simply, we provide all the same on-site services at much lower rates.